Children & Families

Kansas Department for Children and Families

Offers cash assistance, food assistance, child care services, energy assistance, child support services, and rehabilitation services to those who qualify.

Go to this website and “Check Eligibility to apply.” Create a user name and password to apply for Cash Assistance or call 1-888-369-4777.

Note: This is a somewhat lengthy process

MO HealthNet
Missouri’s health insurance program. There are programs for kids, pregnant women, and low-income families.

There are a number of different ways to apply for MO HealthNet:

  1. You can now complete and submit an English MHK application online.
  2. You can print an English, Spanish, Bosnian or Vietnamese application online. Printed applications can be mailed or taken into your local Family Support Division office (see addresses on next page).
  3. You can call your local Family Support Division office and ask them to mail you an application.You can find your local office here.
  4. You can go to your local Family Support Division office to apply for MHK. You can find your local office here.

The Family Conservancy

This organization provides resources for child care, offers parenting classes, and helps parents enroll their children in Head Start Programs, in addition to offering other resources.

444 Minnesota Avenue, Suite 200
Kansas City, KS 66101
(913) 342-1110

Family Preservation

Provides intensive in-home services to families who are in danger of having their child removed from their home.

DCCCA Family Preservation
155 S. 18th St.
Kansas City, KS 66102
(913) 281-4932

Kaw Valley

Provides an integrated array of programs for children, adolescent and their families who are at risk in crisis.

759 Vermont
Kansas City, KS 66101
(913) 621-4641


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